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Multiple Teams · Student Fan Bus Information for the Volleyball Quarterfinals

Hoover’s Varsity Volleyball team is heading to the Quarterfinals.   Hoover will play Enterprise this Wednesday, October 26 at 11 a.m. at the Birmingham Crossplex.

Students will have the opportunity to sign up to ride a fan bus to go cheer on the team!  The buses will leave the school at 9 a.m. and leave the Crossplex at 1 p.m. to return to the school.  There is no fee to ride the bus, but students will need to have $10 to purchase a ticket for entry into the game.  Students may choose to bring extra money for concessions.

Student permission slips (fieldtripvolleyball bus ) for the bus are due to the Athletic Office on Tuesday, October 25th by 9 a.m.  No exceptions!

Students  may also travel by private vehicle (fieldtrip volleyball-private vehicle ) to the Crossplex.  They will be dismissed at 9 a.m.   Students must return back to the school by 2 p.m. if they have a 6th or 7th period class.  Students who will drive themselves or ride with a parent must complete a permission slip and return it to the Athletic Office on Tuesday, October 25th by 9 a.m.