Multiple Teams · Buc Star with Marion Humphrey

Each week students will be publishing articles on interviews with Buccaneer athletes. This week one of the Buc stars chosen is Marion Humphrey- a junior on the basketball and track team. Humphrey is a guard and jumps hurdles in track. His basketball number is 10.

Q: What is your pregame ritual or superstition?
A: To be relaxed or loose.

Q: What has been your best game?
A: The Hoover vs Bryant basketball game.

Q: Who is your hero and why?
A: Cam Newton, he’s a good role model.

Q: What is on your playlist?
A: Drake.

Q: What’s your favorite sport?
A: Basketball.

Q: What’s your favorite team?
A: Thunder.

Q: Who’s your favorite artist?
A: Drake.

Q: What’s your favorite brand?
A: Nike.

Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: Chicken.

Marion Humphrey
Marion Humphrey