Multiple Teams · Buc Star with Caitlin Gerard

Each week students will be publishing articles on interviews with Buccaneer athletes. This week one of the Buc Stars chosen is Caitlin Gerard- a junior on the cross country team.

Q: What is your pregame ritual or superstition?
A: My pregame ritual is to stay hydrated, listen to music, and stretch.

Q: What has been your best game?
A: My best meet was my last one, not necessarily my best time, but I pushed my hardest at the end to beat two Mountain Brook girls (our top competition team) by tenths of a second that had been in front of me until the end. 

Q: Who is your hero and why?
A: I don’t really have a specific hero, but someone I really look up to is my dad. He inspires me to always stay positive and never quit, even when it gets tough.

Q: What is something people might not know about you?
A: I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up.

Q: What is on your playlist?
A: I have a variety of different genres, mostly a mix of alternative and pop music.

Q: What’s your favorite sport?
A: My favorite sport to watch is football.

Q: What’s your favorite team?
A: Auburn.

Q: Who’s your favorite artist?
A: Coldplay.

Q:What’s your favorite brand?
A: Nike.

Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: Fruit