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Multiple Teams · Words of Wood- Faye Street

Mama Faye & The Street Family

                                                       By Wayne Wood
   Faye Street served the Hoover High School Athletic Office for several years. Though she & her family live in Auburn now, they were & still are an integral part of the Buc Family.
   Faye grew up in nearby Bessemer. Her father was Fagan Canzoneri who played sports at Bessemer High School & later at Auburn University. He coached in several schools in the area & later served as a basketball & football referee at the high school level before refereeing college basketball for the Southeastern Conference. While serving as the assistant athletic director for Birmingham City Schools, he started up the Special Olympics in the Birmingham area. This obviously impacted Faye as she grew up with an interest in sports.
   Another interesting connection was that of Coach Larry Wilson. Coach Wilson was the first athletic director & head football coach for the Berry High School Bucs from 1962-1965. During this time he hired Bob Finley as an assistant coach in 1964. Wilson left Berry in 1966 to become athletic director for Bessemer City Schools & then moved up to assistant school superintendent & eventually head superintendent. The Wilson family & the Canzoneri family were neighbors in Bessemer for a time & both men had personal & professional connections in athletics.
   Bill Street graduated from Bessemer High School in 1968. Faye attended there & graduated in 1971 when Bessemer changed to Jess Lanier High School. They met & fell in love that year of 1971, attended & graduated nearby Samford University then married on December 20, 1974 & lived in Bessemer for about 10 years. During this time their son Bucky was born. In 1984, their daughter Mindy was born and in the same year the Streets moved to Hoover.
   Even though their families lived in Bessemer, the Streets became Buccaneer fans. Bucky & Mindy both went to Gwin Elementary (where they had Amy Alfano-Coach Finley’s daughter-as their art teacher. Bucky played football for the Hoover Raiders while Mindy cheered for his teams.
   Bucky was the first Street family member I knew when I had him as a Simmons Middle School 7th grade student in 1992-93.  He was a delightful young man & so personable. He played football & wrestled for the Bucs. I coached him in football in the fall of 1993. I remember Mindy as an elementary kid greeting us after practice as we walked up the steps from practice quite often. Seeing her sweet, pretty smile was refreshing after a long, hard practice. I nicknamed her Buckette.
   In the summer of 1994, I helped with summer workouts for the football kids up at Berry. This was a transitional year as Berry was moving to the new Hoover High School. Bucky’s class was scheduled to be the very first freshman class who would spend all 4 of their years at Hoover High.
   On a Monday evening (July 25th) long after finishing workouts  all the kids gone, Bucky was left in the parking lot with only Coach Finley & me. We didn’t know that Bucky’s parents had to attend to Bill’s mother who was in the emergency room. Mrs. Street had struggled all summer with cancer & had taken a turn for the worst. With no cell phones then, they couldn’t get word to Bucky of the situation.
   Coach Finley told me to gone on home because he’d stay with Bucky. Eventually, Bill & Faye arrived to get Bucky & gave Coach Finley a quick thank you. Sadly, six days later on the Berry field, Coach Finley himself would pass away on a Sunday afternoon of July 31st. Faye told me later that they always regretted not telling Coach Finley a longer & full thank you because of their emergency.
   In the spring of Bucky’s 9th grade year, Coach Gerald Gann became Hoover High’s A.D. & head football coach in 1995. During his varsity years, Bucky played on both the offensive & defensive lines making captain his senior year of 1997. His team didn’t win many games but he learned a lot of life lessons from Coach Gann & his teammates.
   Bucky also wrestled for Coach Duke Chimento & Coach Scott Rohrer for the Bucs. During his senior year and Mindy’s 8th grade year, they both won the Finley Character Awards-a very proud time for the family.
   After graduating from Hoover in 1998, Bucky attended Auburn University where graduated in 2003 with a degree in Building Science. He was engaged to marry Meredith Wilson from Hoover who had once been a Hoover Buc cheerleader. I remember something Bucky told me when he was a 7th grader. He said, “I’m going to marry me a good ole country girl who will cook me some cornbread, blackeyed peas, collard greens & good stuff.” Years later, when I found out he was engaged, I emailed Faye telling her what he had said then. Faye replied that yes he was marrying a Hoover Country Girl!
   They were married on December 20, 2003 (the anniversary of his parents) & decided to live in Auburn. They have two girls, Claire (8) and Shelby (5). Bucky is a superintendent with Whatley Construction & Meredith is a CVS pharmacist.
   After Bucky left Hoover in 1998, Mindy came as a freshman. She cheered all 4 of her high school years. In 2000, her junior year, the Bucs won the state title in football at Legion Field. Her senior year in 2001, the Bucs made it to Legion Field again yet lost this time. However, the Bucs were experiencing winning once again after some tough years in the past. Mindy was proud to be part of the beginning of a Buc Dynasty.
    Mindy was also involved in many school activities & organizations such as Junior & Senior class officers, the Hoover Belles, the National Junior Honor Society and was voted by her classmates as “Miss Hoover” her senior year of 2002. She later attended Auburn University & graduated with honors in 2006 and was privileged to be voted on by Auburn’s student body as “Miss Auburn” in 2005. She now resides in Auburn where she is a major gift officer in Auburn University’s Office of Development.
   So, as far back as as 1994, began Bill & Faye’s life as part of the Hoover Athletics & Hoover High School Family. The family’s involvement in the Big Orange Club (athletic booster club for all sports) began. Later Hoover Athletics decided to separate the booster clubs for each sport Hoover participated in. Bill & Faye became officers in what is known today as the Buccaneer Touchdown Club.
   In 1999, when Rush Propst became head football coach, Faye was offered a position in the Athletic Department as a Secretarial Aide by then principal Gene Godwin. Under the leadership of Ron Swann & Rush Propst, this quickly became a full-time secretarial position for the athletic department.
   Faye worked under athletic directors, Ron Swann, Jerry Browning & Myra Miles. Working in athletics was in her blood & a passion for Faye. As mentioned before that her father, Fagan Canzoneri who worked as a coach, referee & athletic administrator, it all seemed befitting. So when she was asked to move to the athletic department a dream came true for her.
   Faye’s duties were extensive & involved all Hoover High School sports. At one point, she even took on the duties of cheerleading coach. As the years went on, her duties grew as did the winning with all of the Hoover athletic teams. Faye has a 2000 football state championship ring from Mindy’s time as well as football state championship necklaces for the years 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and two state championship necklaces for wrestling for 2003 & 2006.
   The biggest challenges she faced in her time as athletic secretary was the first ESPN televised high school football game against Nease High School from Florida with the great Tim Tebow playing as their quarterback. The MTV (Two-A-Days series) came to town for 2 years. The MTV staff quickly depended on Faye for scheduling & getting athletes organized to be filmed.
   The MTV staff was in her office or calling 24/7 and she was also now doing all of the AHSAA eligibility for over 1000 athletes each year. Faye was also the receiver of all athletic calls to the athletic department & tour guide for those coming through Hoover to see where MTV was being filmed.
   She became known as Mama Faye (which was a name I lovingly gave her) to the athletes & coaches. She cherished the many friends who became family to her. In 2012, Bill & Faye made the difficult decision to leave Hoover and move to live with her family in Auburn. Though in Auburn, Alabama they will always consider Hoover as home & truly in their hearts.
   Faye, Bill, Bucky, Meredith & Mindy will forever be Hoover BUCCANEERS!!!