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Multiple Teams · Words of Wood- Bucs vs Jags

Bucs vs. Jags Football Series

                                                          By Wayne Wood
   It has been 15 years since 2002 when the Hoover Bucs & the Spain Park Jags first started playing against each other in football. Though the rivalry has not been a lengthy one, it has been intense, to say the least.
   Traditionally, the longest, most consistent & most intense rivalry has been between the Bucs & the Vestavia Hills Rebels since it began in 1972. One of the oldest has been against the Mountain Brook Spartans beginning in 1967 (50 years ago) yet there have been some breakages in certain years. Of course, there have been other schools playing against the Bucs on and off for longer periods of time.
   Geographically speaking, there are some interesting aspects between Hoover High & Spain Park High. Hoover is located in Jefferson County while Spain Park is in Shelby County. The borders of the city of Hoover are extended a noticeable distance from end to end especially from the east to the west. In fact, it’s almost as long in that regard to the city of Birmingham north of the city of Hoover.
   Also, consider that on a straight line distance, Hoover is closer to rival Vestavia & Pelham High School than to Spain Park and that Oak Mountain High is closer to Spain Park.
   Regardless of these facts, the main fact is that the Bucs and the Jags are intense rivals within the same city limits.
   The first game played between the two in 2002 was at Spain Park’s Jaguar Stadium which the Bucs won big by a score of 63-8. The 2003 game was played at the Hoover Met which the Bucs won 35-10. Following is a completed list of when, where and the scores.
   2004 (Jaguar Stadium) Bucs 45 – Jags 17
   2004 (Hoover Met)-Playoff game..Bucs 24 – Jags 7
   2005 (Buccaneer Stadium) Bucs 24 – Jags 10
   2006 (Jaguar Stadium) Bucs 40 – Jags 28
   2007 (Hoover Met)  Bucs 23 – Jags 7
   2008 (Jaguar Stadium)  Bucs 34 – Jags 24
   2009 (Hoover Met)  Bucs 24 – Jags 21
   2010 (Buccaneer Stadium) Bucs 44 – Jags 0
   2010 (Hoover Met)-Playoff game.. Bucs 30 – Jags 10
   2011  (Jaguar Stadium) Bucs 20 – Jags 0
   2012 & 2013..Did not play due to Region Realignments
   2014  (Jaguar Stadium)  Bucs 42 – Jags 14
   2015  (Hoover Met) Jags 17 – Bucs 0
   2015  (Jaguar Stadium) Jags 7 – Bucs 6
   2016  (Hoover Met) Bucs 26 – Jags 8
   2017  (Jaguar Stadium)  Bucs __ – Jags __
Overall Series Record: Bucs 14 Wins – Jags 2 Wins