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Bucs News · Words of Wood-Jason Wyers

Jason Wyers-Berry Buc Class of 1989

                                            By Wayne Wood
   Jason Wyers played both tailback & defensive end, which happened to be the main positions that Coach Bob Finley personally worked with, along with QB, for the Berry Bucs. Though he & his family live in Vestavia now his wife Mary works for Hoover at Simmons Middle School. Here are his reflections on his time as a Buccaneer football player.
   “Coach Finley taught my Sunday School class at Green Valley Baptist Church in Hoover during my freshman & sophomore years of high school. I also lived three doors from him during my junior high & high school years. I was fortunate to interact with Coach Finley as much off the field as I did on the field. I was able to get to know his family & see him as a family man off the field & a coach on the field. The story that sticks out in my mind about Coach Finley’s family life is from my sophomore season in 1986.”
   “The team wasn’t doing too well that season, and Coach Finley has us in the locker room before practice. He was getting on us about how we had been playing. During his talk someone knocked on the team room door. No one dared to move because he was talking to us, and we were giving him our attention.”
   “The knock came again. Coach Finley looked over at whomever was sitting closest to the door with his famous ‘Coach Finley Scowl’ and said, ‘Well, get the door!’ The kid opened the door while Coach Finley continued to let the team have it.”
   “The boy returned from seeing who was at the door. The poor guy was scared to interrupt Coach Finley, but knew he had to. ‘Coach Finley, it’s for you.’ he said timidly. Coach Finley gave him another scowl and said very forcefully, ‘Tell them I am busy!’ The boy went back to the door and relayed Coach Finley’s response. The boy returned with a little more confidence this time, but he was still hesitant and said, ‘Coach Finley, it is your wife & daughters.’
   “Coach Finley looked at us with his famous scowl and said forcefully, ‘Well, I better get unbusy in a hurry!’ and stormed out of the room. We all sat in silence until he returned because we were in the middle of getting chewed out. When he returned he had a big cookie that his wife & daughters had brought to him because it was his birthday or something.”
   “He shared it with the team (although it wasn’t nearly enough), and he had a big smile on his face. It made me think. His livelihood was coaching football, and we weren’t doing very well that season and he was in the middle of an intense moment with his team, and he dropped everything because his family was there to see him. Coach Finley had his priorities straight.”
   “My senior season was 1988, and we were playing Parker at Legion Field. We had lost our first two games of the season to Enterprise & Minor prior to this game playing poorly in both of them. Well, we were in Legion Field’s locker room about to go out on the field.”
   “We all knew it was time for Coach Finley to read the game maxims. Anyone who has ever played for Coach Finley has heard the game maxims before every game. He stood up and said, ‘I have been reading these game maxims before every game that I have coached. I think of the teams that have heard them before. After seeing how you all have played the last two weeks you don’t deserve to hear them!”
   “We were shocked, to say the least. I don’t know if this was the only time this had happened, but I hope so. This was something that you could count on as a Berry High School football player. The game maxims were always read before a game.”
   “So Coach Finley took us out to the field without reading them. We played a very good Parker team that year in front of a huge crowd of their fans-maybe 15,000 of them. It was a back and forth struggle the whole game.”
   “It was late in the 4th quarter and down to the final seconds. It was a tie ballgame, and we had a 4th down. Coach Finley called for a punt. The guys in the huddle decided to go against Coach Finley and faked it instead. We made it but just barely.”
   “The next play we threw a long pass for a completion and the following play we kicked a field goal which was good! The game was over. We won our first game of the year that night and later went on the 6-A State Championship game on the same field a few months later.”
   “I think we got our fire started that night because Coach Finley did not read the game maxims. After the game, on the bus, Coach Finley said that he had never had a player so blatantly disobey him, but he was glad that he did on this occasion. He then proceeded to read the game maxims!”