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Homecoming Dance 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the typical boys attire?

Many boys wear either khaki pants or dress pants with a button up shirt and either a tie or bow tie that matches the girl’s dress. Some boys choose to wear a blazer, but it is just a personal choice.


Do you purchase a corsage and boutonniere?

Yes, most people buy a corsage or boutonniere for their date.


Do you purchase your date’s ticket or just your own ticket?

It is the couple’s choice whether or not they buy their own ticket. Have them talk and figure out who they want to buy the tickets.


Where do students enter the school for the dance?

The dance is in the courtyard, so the entrance is the gate in the back of the school where buses would normally drop off.


What time is the homecoming dance?

The dance is Saturday, September 29 from 7-10pm.


Do you have to stay the entire dance?

The students do not have to stay the entire dance, but once they leave the dance they will not be allowed to get back in.


Is there food at the dance?

The Whole Scoop will be there selling ice cream! And there will be additional snacks (like movie-theater popcorn and animal crackers) available for purchase. And like all other things for homecoming week, part of the profits from snack sales will be donated to the Hope for Autumn Foundation!


Where do I buy tickets for the dance?

Tickets MUST be purchased on MySchoolFees. They are $15 each. The student can either print off a hard copy of the ticket or have the ticket provided to them electronically on their phone to enter into the dance. Screenshots of tickets will not be allowed.


Do girls wear short or long dresses?

Most girls wear short dresses for the homecoming dance, but either is fine!


Do I have to be in dress code for the dance?

No, there is not a dress code for the dance.