We have a large number of athletes that haven’t completed their mandatory 2019-2020 DragonFly eligibility paperwork.  We also have many athletes that have expired physicals and no current insurance card uploaded.  Please log onto your CURRENT DragonFly account and complete the “Prep for 2019-20” – it takes approximately 10 minutes.  IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DO THIS ON A COMPUTER AND NOT THE APP.  Current physicals, birth, and Sportsmanship certificates transfer from 2018-2019.   Please do not set up a new account.  The Athletic Office can not help you if you set up multiple accounts.  If you forgot your password there is a way to reset the password and there is also a round red button in the bottom left corner of your screen that you can select and reach out to DragonFly.  The Athletic Department doesn’t have access to your username or password.  We appreciate your support.  It’s a great day to be a Buc!