Multiple Teams · Schedule for Tuesdays Tryouts

Here are the schedules and teams for Tuesdays tryouts.

The Juniors and Seniors who are trying out need to report to the field at 3:00 PM.

The Freshman and Sophomores  who are trying out will scrimmage against each other.  Those listed under Roster A need to report to the field and be ready (dressed and stretched) to take BP at 4:00 PM on the JV Field.  Those listed on the Roster B Teams need to be ready (dressed and stretched) at 5:00 PM.

Roster A Roster A Roster B Roster B
Okon McNeil Fridley Lawrence
Schmidt Freshcorn George White
Howell Gordon Edwards Carr
Trimm Temple Ragland Parrish
Christein Campbell Prothro Wilson
Smith Gerstenberg Anderson Trent
Graber Lee Batson Dow
Law Miller Locklear Rengering
Urban Tulloch Mattson Lee
Black Self Zimmerman Rosser
McGarity Shanlever Williams
Crook Alspach
Wallace Aspito