Bucs News · Words of Wood- Tribute to Class is 2020

Hoover Bucs Class of 2020 Tribute

                                By Wayne Wood
  This is a tribute to the Hoover High School Class of 2020 with the understanding that there is a host of us who not only congratulate you with the best wishes for your future but also sympathize with you in the way your senior year year concluded. Since March, with this worldwide pandemic crisis, it has been a case of being deprived in many ways whether it was academics, athletics, social life at school and so forth.
   You senior athletes had to feel and will probably always feel a sense of emptiness and non-fulfilling in concluding your spring season with many of you having a great chance at a state championship in your respective sport.
   Even here in May, there is controversy over having a graduating ceremony obviously with the still ominous threat of the virus. It would be awkward for all to be sure with the social distancing, masks, etc. to contend with.
   Having the ceremony at the Hoover Met would seem befitting since home football games, homecoming festivities and the like were held here during your 4 years at Hoover.
   I’ve been to graduation ceremonies here in Hoover since 1985. Venues like Finley Stadium at Berry High School, Samford University, the BJCC and Bartow Arena on UAB’s campus have hosted Buccaneer Graduations. They were similar in some ways and very unique in most other ways yet they were special because of the people involved…the students, faculty, families & friends involved.
   Hugging, handshaking, embracing for picture taking were and are considered the normal for these events and being restricted from would create frustration for sure. This would apply to every high school across the nation as well as some colleges in some cases.
   Senior Class of 2020, you have so much more than these last 3 months of this crisis to look back upon for your high school career as you head into the future whether it is college,career, military or whatever. Perhaps this experience might even help many of you grow stronger in your character because of it. Hard to predict though but a lot will be up to you.
   Always know that you will always be a part of the Hoover Buccaneer Nation. GO BUCS!