Bucs News · Words of Wood- Remembering the Friday after 9-11 of 2001

Remembering the Friday after 9-11 of 2001

                                                                                                                       By Wayne Wood
   For those of us who remember that day of September 11, 2001 (19 years ago), it also bears mentioning the Friday of that week. Our country was still reeling from the shock of that day when the New York Twin Towers were attack, the Pentagon was hit and the Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania averted when citizen heroes took action in avoiding what was probably a flight to crash into our nation’s capitol building in Washington, D.C..
   There was still a mindset of uncertainty of what might happen next which linger for days following. Like hundreds of other high school football playing schools across the nation, we were wondering if we should play on the normal football playing Friday. We were scheduled to play Parker/Birmingham at our home campus stadium (Buccaneer Stadium) on that date of September the 14th.
   It’s certain many of you reflecting back on that week as a whole will remember that Tuesday of the 11th and then the Friday following. Of course, that feeling lasted basically the rest of the season. It certainly united the majority of our nation in a patriotic way which we had not experienced in a long time.
   It’s irrelevant the score of our game that evening though we did win handily. What is remembered was the impactful and heavy emotional feeling we experienced that evening. It had to be the same feeling across high school stadiums throughout the United States of America which permeated in unison. Even in writing this, tears come to my eyes. I hope many of you fellow citizens feel the same.
   The main thing I remember from that evening was seeing the American Flag of the Stars and Stripes held by a Hoover student with the cheerleaders leading the football team through the banner run-through to start the game. It was captured on film and video for posterity for our season highlight tape later that year. It’s still inspirational to see it and always will be to many or most of us with patriotic feelings.
    Through these tough times of the pandemic and unrest across our nation, let’s hope this reflection today can add a sense of healing, reconciliation and love for what our nation stands for.
                                 Go Bucs and God Bless America!!!