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Paperwork Directions

Paperwork Directions


Please go to the following website:   http://hooverhighathletics.com/

On the far right, you will see a tab labeled “Forms.” Click this tab.

Forms to be filled out online:

  • AHSAA Agreement, Consent, and Release
  • Concussion Form
  • Field Trip and Excursions Form
  • Hoover City Schools Consent Form

Forms to be printed and signed:

  • Athletic Handbook and Media Release—print the last page only.
  • Updated Physical
  • Medication Form (if needed)
  • Copy of your Medical Insurance Card

The STAR sportsmanship:  http://www.starsportsmanship.com/kc2005/star.php

  • Student login: star01223
  • Place your name and school when asked. Do NOT skip ahead!! The computer is smart and knows if you do not spend enough time on the questions. It should take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.