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Track Booklet

Hoover High School Outdoor Track

The success that HHS has enjoyed through the years in the track and field program is a result of countless hours of hard work and dedication by athletes, coaches and parents alike.  This booklet is an attempt to inform both parent and athlete of the expectations and requirements in order to be a contributing piece of the history of this dynamic program.  Hopefully, most questions and concerns will be addressed in the following pages.  The answers to these questions are provided by Head Coach, Devon Hind.

WHAT ABOUT TRYOUTS?  These are designed to weed out those who do not show the dedication and hard work required to be a part of our program.  The coaches are not making cuts based solely on talent and the athlete’s ability to help the team score points in meets.  We believe that every person has something to offer our program regardless of talent.  We want a team filled with athletes who have a passion to train consistently to become the best that they can become and who are passionate about supporting the rest of their team mates and coaches.

WHERE DO ATHLETES GO FOR PRACTICE?  Athletes should change in the locker rooms and then go immediately outside to the track.  If there is a question about the weather then check inside the practice gym first.

WHEN ARE PRACTICES?  Practices are every weekday that school is open unless there is a varsity meet.  We practice immediately after school is dismissed, allowing the athlete 15 minutes to change and get down to the track.  Practices generally last between 1 ½ and 2 hours.  We practice on Fridays unless there is a varsity meet.  Once the competitive season begins, this is not too often.

IS THERE PRACTICE IF THE WEATHER IS BAD?  Yes, unless school gets canceled.  If the weather is such that we do not need to go outside then we practice inside, either in the practice gym or in the hallways.



WHAT IF ATHLETES HAVE TO MISS A PRACTICE?  Coaches always expect the athlete to be at practice.   We realize, however, that this is not always possible.  It is possible for the athlete to notify the coach though.  It’s difficult to explain what an acceptable reason for missing practice is.  Obviously, sickness/injury is acceptable.  Talk with the coach.  We are reasonable individuals.  Just know that we want you at practice.  There may be make-up workouts that will need to be done if you miss.  Also know that every time you miss a practice you are giving an advantage to your opponent.

WHAT SHOULD ATHLETES WEAR AT PRACTICES?  Unlike most of the other sports we do not have specific practice uniforms.  Dress appropriately for the weather—bring sweats for the cooler temperatures.  All sprinters that do not have sweats at practice will be punished by running stadiums.  All athletes are expected to wear shirts at all times.  Girls—please cover your sport-bras with an appropriate shirt.

LOCKERS?  Every track athlete may have a track locker.  See Coach Hind to get one.  Use it and lock it!!

VARSITY OR JV?  We have written standards to be eligible for varsity competition.  See those later in this packet.  Meeting those standards is not a guarantee that the athlete will compete in varsity meets.  It may be that the athlete will also need to be one of the top 2 or 3 on our team.  It will depend on the meet.  When in doubt, ask the coach.  Coaches will generally let the athlete know well ahead of time when they are expected to be at varsity meets.  Entries for varsity meets will usually be posted by Wednesday for athletes to see their schedule of competition.

WHERE WILL TRACK INFORMATION BE POSTED?  Many things that Coach Hind wants the athlete to know will be posted near his office outside of the girls’ locker room on the wall.   Always look there for information first.  Also check:   Hooverhighathletics.com

WHO GOES TO JV MEETS?  Anyone who is not competing in the upcoming varsity meet will be expected to compete in the weekly JV meet.  Some of the varsity athletes may also be asked to compete in a JV meet to gain some experience in an event. When in doubt, ask the coach.  Freshmen will be competing against upperclassmen at these meets.

HOW DO ATHLETES GET TO JV MEETS?  Bus transportation is provided for all athletes to get to the weekly meets.  Athletes are expected to ride the bus to the meet unless they have approved permission from Coach Hind.  Parents may bring an athlete to the weekly meet if the athlete needs to stay in the classroom until school is out. Senior athletes must have prior written permission to drive themselves to any meet after school. Athletes cannot ride to/from a weekly meet with other athletes unless they are siblings.

HOW DO ATHLETES GET TO VARSITY MEETS?  Local varsity meets sometimes have a bus available to go to the meets.  There is no transportation provided after the Friday night meet ends.  Athletes that are driving themselves must leave after school. Athletes cannot ride to/from a weekly meet with other athletes unless they are siblings.  On Saturdays, athletes will meet at the local meets at the required times.  Who the athlete rides with on Saturdays is up to the parent.  We take chartered buses to all  out-of-town meets.  All athletes are expected to ride in the chartered bus.

CAN ATHLETES LEAVE JV MEETS EARLY?  During the weekly meets we will always have one bus returning with athletes after the meet.  However, athletes may leave the meet with a parent if they have cooled down after their events are completed.  Athletes cannot ride to/from a weekly meet with other athletes unless they are siblings.

DOES COACH HIND MIND IF ATHLETES LEAVE THE MEETS EARLY IF THEY ARE THROUGH COMPETING?    Sometimes.  I have always been a team oriented person.  You can have value when you are not performing by encouraging your team mates who are still competing.  It may be that we will need someone to fill in on the 4 x 400 relay at the end of the meet.  You can’t do that if you are not there.  However, I know it is not always reasonable for the athlete to stay.  Please, always check out with your coach before leaving.



WHAT EVENTS WILL ATHLETES BE TRAINING FOR?  The coaches will help the athlete determine where his/her talent lies and which events he/she needs to be doing.  This can be a process of trial-and-error and sometimes takes many weeks to determine.  It is our hope that the athlete and parent will trust the coaches and there will not be a fear to try new things.  Trust the coaches.  We want what is best for the individual and the team at all times.

HOW WILL ATHLETES KNOW WHICH EVENTS THEY ARE DOING AT JV MEETS?  The athlete can choose in which events they want to participate and then get approval by Coach Hind or their event coach.  We have to know this information the Friday before the event so we can get the athletes entered.  When the event is called, then the athlete simply reports for the event.  Relay teams are put together by either the athletes or coach.  Remember though, the coach has final say-so on all of these event decisions.

HOW WILL ATHLETES KNOW WHICH EVENTS THEY ARE DOING AT VARSITY MEETS?  Coach Hind has pre-determined who is doing what events for the varsity.  These entries have been entered by computer the weekend before and will be posted by Wednesday before the meet.  If you think there is an error, please tell Coach Hind immediately.  Sometimes the entries can be corrected.

HOW ARE VARSITY RELAY TEAMS DETERMINED?  Relay teams are determined that will benefit the team the most.  Sometimes it is the fastest people who are on the relays and sometimes Coach Hind wants to see how someone will perform on a relay.  Everything is done throughout the season to work toward finding our best team for the sectional and state meets.  Coach Hind will change the order of relays and members of relay teams at his discretion.  By sectionals the teams will be made up of those who have performed the best all year.  This includes speed of races, handoff taking abilities, effort during races and dedication to the team.   Coach Hind’s goal is to form teams that will bond and run well together ASAP in the season.    Don’t pout if you are an alternate.  We have had to use alternates at state meet almost every year.  Think “team” and all will be well.


HOW MANY EVENTS SHOULD ATHLETES DO AT JV MEETS?  All athletes are limited to participating in 4 events at a meet.  Coach Hind would like everyone to compete in at least 2 events unless your only event is the javelin or pole vault.  If you are a sprinter you are expected to compete in at least 2 open events.

HOW LONG DO JV MEETS USUALLY LAST?  This is usually determined by who is hosting the meet and how many schools participate.  The meet should generally finish by 8:00 though.

WHAT DO ATHLETES DO ABOUT FOOD WHEN AT THE MEETS?  You are on your own for this.  Concession stands are available.  Feel free to bring your own food/drink.  We try to have coolers of ice water available.

HOW MANY MEETS CAN AN ATHLETE DO?  All high school athletes are limited to participating in 10 meets other than sectionals, state and the JV Championships.  If you are doing both varsity and JV meets then you are expected to keep up with this total and not exceed it.  Communicate with Coach Hind if you are getting close to the 10 meet total.

JV CHAMPIONSHIPS?  Generally, all freshmen will compete regardless of whether they are on the varsity squad or not.  All other upper-class athletes can compete in the JV division if they are not competing at sectionals.

INDOOR NATIONALS?  This is an exclusive meet for national caliber athletes in New York.  We have had someone go to this meet each of the past 10 years and have had several All-American performances.  We have several athletes who could qualify for this meet as an individual or a relay.  If you are interested, talk with Coach Hind.  This is not an inexpensive trip and someone other than a Hoover coach must plan it.


NEW ORLEANS/MOBILE?  I will take as many competing athletes to out of town meets as I can fit on the chartered bus.  We already have girls and boys invited in several events for Saturday @ Mobile.

SECTIONALS?  We are limited to taking our top 3 athletes in each event.  These will be determined based on performances throughout the season.  This is the qualifying meet for the state meet.

STATE?  All athletes that qualify for this meet from sectionals will go to Gulf Shores for this meet.  That generally fills the chartered bus.  Non-competing athletes are encouraged to come but you will have to make your own transportation and rooming arrangements.

BEHAVIOR AT OUT OF TOWN MEETS:  Hoover athletes always have the expectation by the coaches and the school to behave in an admirable manner.  Traveling on overnight trips is a privilege and the athlete is expected to follow all instructions by the coaches at all times.  Cell phones and other electronic devices may be collected by coaches at lights-out time and returned at breakfast time.  Athletes are expected to stay in their rooms and sleep after room check.  Our first priority on these trips is to compete well.  Athletes can have a good time and still get a reasonable amount of rest.

CAN PARENTS GO TO OUT-OF-TOWN MEETS WITH THE TEAM?  We don’t have room for parents on the bus.  Contact Coach Hind if you would like to know at which hotel we are staying.  Athletes are expected to ride the bus and not travel with parents.  We are always trying to promote team in everything we do.

HOME MEETS?  We have a lot of them and we will need help by both athletes and parents for the meets to be successful.  Below are the expectations.



ATHLETES AT HOME MEETS: Plan to either compete or help at each home event.  All varsity athletes are needed at the home JV and middle school meets to work.  All JV athletes are needed to help at the home varsity meets to work. We need help at the finish line, field events and concession stand by students.  If everyone does their part then things will go smoothly and we can all share the burden.  When you are through competing you will need to ask if you can help anywhere at the meet.

PARENTS AT HOME MEETS:  We need help at each scheduled home meet, especially our two invitational events.   Inexperienced parents—have no fear—we won’t put you in a place of responsibility that you can’t handle.  There are opportunities of service in the concession stand, hospitality, at the gate, at the finish line, at each of the field events and also to help set up and clean up.  We are counting on you as part of our team to make these meets successful.  Hoover track & field has a great tradition of parental help.  We ask each parent to help at a minimum of 2 meets but we could use you at more.  You are expected to sign up at our parent/athlete pre-season meeting.

WILL THE PARENT BE ASKED TO BE AN OFFICIAL?  We are always looking for parents who desire to be an official but one must be trained and certified to be an official.  Please let Coach Hind know if you are interested in becoming an official.  Otherwise, your duties at meets will be to assist someone else who is in charge.

 CAN ATHLETES TRY DIFFERENT FIELD EVENTS?  Coaches encourage the athletes to try different events to find out at what they are best but we also do not want athletes spending much time in areas where they do not have much potential.  Field events are the one area of competition where we make cuts.  If an athlete is not likely to do well in a specific field event then the coach in that event may ask you to go try something else.  The reason for this is that the coaches need to spend so much time working on technique with each athlete.  Field event coaches do not have the time to teach every athlete their field event.  Therefore, we must limit the numbers at field events so our top athletes do not suffer from a lack of quality practice and coaching time.


HOW MUCH DOES TRACK COST?  Since so many things are not actually required to participate in track the answer to this question varies for each individual.  Below is a break down of the costs:


Participation fee of $50 per athlete—this is used to help pay for the many costs of our program including equipment, entry fees and travel expenses.  We ask for this so we do not have to do any additional fund-raisers.

Uniform costs—each athlete purchases his/her school issued Nike uniform.  If the athlete has one from the year before it should be good for this year too.  Racing shorts are $25; field event shorts are $30; a uniform top is $30.  Shorts and top are required by all.  Racing shorts can be used in field events.

Out of town travel costs for varsity athletes only:  $30 per night plus food;

$60 per night if not a member of the booster club.



Cotton hoodie–$20

Cotton sweatshirt—no hood–$15

Cotton sweat pants–$15

Hoover track & field T-shirt–$10

Embroidered travel bag–$30



DO ALL PARENTS HAVE TO JOIN THE BOOSTER CLUB?  No, but we hope you do.  I believe we have one of the best track booster clubs in the entire nation.  The booster club is a great benefit to all of our track & field athletes.  All boosters will receive a track & field car magnet.

WHAT DOES THE BOOSTER CLUB COST AND WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS AND REQUIREMENTS OF MEMBERS?  The cost to join The Finish Line is $50 per family per xc or track season.  This money is used to benefit all aspects of our cross country and track & field programs.  The club helps pay for many equipment costs, travel costs, meet expenses, clinic costs, banquet costs, upkeep of our championship wall, and other miscellaneous expenses. If you are a member of The Finish Line then your athlete will not pay any chartered bus costs for out of town meets.  Non-members will pay a $30 bus fee per athlete for each chartered trip.  If you can afford to join, please do so.   We invite all members to get involved with our board of directors.  We are always looking for new members to help fill in the voids of positions that are left by graduating parents.  Board positions include president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, meet manager, hospitality manager, concessions manager, yearbook coordinator and statistics manager.  The board meets about 5 times per year.  Please get involved.

DO PARENTS HAVE TO PAY TO GET INTO MEETS?  For all away meets the answer is “Yes”.  Varsity meets are generally $5/day and JV meets are now $5 for adults and $0 for children. For all home meets:  if you are working the meet the answer is “No” but if you are not working the answer is “Yes”.

HOW DOES AN ATHLETE GET HIS/HER PICTURE ON THE CHAMPIONSHIP WALL?  It is the hope that every dedicated athlete in the track program will one day find their picture on our Wall of Champions.  To qualify for the 1st or 2nd place team picture an athlete must compete in the sectionals track meet OR be a senior on the team in good standing who comes to the sectional meet to help support his/her team mates.






            What about tryouts?

Where do athletes go for practice?

When are practices?

Is there practice if the weather is bad?


            What if athletes have to miss practice?

What should athletes wear at practices?


Varsity or JV?

Where will track information be posted?

Who goes to JV meets?

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How do athletes get to JV meets?

How do athletes get to varsity meets?

Can athletes leave JV meets early?

Does Coach Hind mind if athletes leave the meets early if they are through competing?


            What events will athletes be training for?

How will athletes know which events they are doing at JV meets?

How will athletes know which events they are doing at varsity meets?

How are varsity relay teams determined?


          How many events should athletes do at JV meets?

How long do JV meets usually last?

What do athletes do about food when at meets?

How many meets can an athlete do?

JV/Freshmen Championships?

Indoor Nationals?





Behavior at out of town meets:

Can parents go to out of town meets with the team?

Home meets?


Athletes at home meets:

Parents at home meets:

Will the parent be asked to be an official?

Can athletes try different field events?


How much does track cost?

Required costs:

Optional costs:


Do all parents have to join the booster club?

What does the booster club cost and what are the benefits and requirements of members?

Do parents have to pay to get into meets?

How does an athlete get his/her picture on the championship wall?


Minimum varsity standards